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Our Supervisor Leadership Series is a 4-video DVD Kit training bundle developed for new Managers and Supervisors

Time Management

Effective time management skills allow you to manage the continuous interruptions and changing priorities that are part of the life of a busy manager or supervisor. In this training module, you will learn the definition of time management and identify three key skills to assist you with effective time management. You will also explore how to apply various time management strategies that support organizational expectations and promote a productive team environment focused on setting and achieving goals and priorities.

Managing Workplace Conflict

Conflict occurs in every workplace. Learn strategies on how to manage that conflict in a constructive, professional, and timely manner. Your role as a manager or supervisor is to value and recognize the diversity of your staff. This diversity can lead to creative and productive ideas for a work team, but it can also lead to disagreements, differences of opinion, and even dislike between coworkers. This training will provide steps to resolve conflict with a positive and proactive approach so that your team works together cooperatively.

Communication and Coaching for Leaders

Clear communication contributes to the effectiveness of a work team. As a manager or supervisor, you have the responsibility to set the tone for your work team by modeling good communication, strong interpersonal skills, and being open to coaching your staff so they can develop the skills necessary to be successful at work. This training program will provide you with communication and coaching strategies and techniques you can use to effectively manage your team. You will learn how to use coaching as a communication skill that you can use to help staff with improving performance, solving problems, and developing positive interactions.

Promoting Positive Personal Conduct at Work

Positive personal conduct in the workplace is about taking pride in your company’s ethical standards and respecting your colleagues, co-workers, customers, and community members. This module wil help you to deöne personal conduct, recognize how you model personal conduct as a leader, and identify your areas for development in leading a work team. Training will also guide you through a review of how your conduct affects your work team and how you model the expectation of a harassment free workplace.

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This Leadership Series will help you get started with preparing to lead a team for the first time, and provide you with strategies to effectively manage a team.
Learn how to promote a sense of belonging by fostering respect, valuing each team member’s role and contribution to the workplace, and recognizing their achievements. Each video is approximately 15-minutes.



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With our 13 Course Compliance Training video DVD Bundle, you receive:

  • 13 Video DVDs
  • Quizzes and Answer Keys
13 Courses: Diversity & Inclusion, Respect & Cilvility, Legal Hiring, Prevent Sexual Harassment, ADA, Supervisor Leadership Series (Communication and Coaching for Leaders, Promoting Positive Personal Conduct at Work, Managing Workplace Conflict, Time Management for Leaders), FMLA, Business E-mail Etiquette, HIPAA